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Hollyburn Post Office 
Images  mid 1950s  Street view of Hollyburn Post Office taken from intersection of Marine Drive and 17th Street.
Marine Drive 
Images  1940s to 1950s  Street view of north side of Marine Drive in 1700 block. Businesses include: Hollyburn Plumbing and Heating, The Linen Shop, Sleeping Beauty, and The Village Barber.
Chevron Service Station 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of Chevron Service Station on Marine Drive. Signs read: Bill Grout, West Van Motors.
Insurance and Real Estate Brokers 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of buildings in 1700 block of Marine Drive on south side of street. A.E. Austin & Co. Real Estate and Insurance & Watt Notary Public, Realty and Insurance Co.
Marine Drive 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of buildings on north side of 1700 block Marine Drive. Businesses in photo include: House of Charms, Docy's, and the Village Barber.
Ambleside Grocery 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of Ambleside Grocery 1791 Marine Drive. Building signage has Coca-Cola and 7Up logos.
Tudor English Shop 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of Tudor English Shop and Hollyburn Market, north side of 1800 block Marine Drive.
Hollyburn Market 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of Hollyburn Market, 1731 Marine Drive. Sign reads: Free Delivery, Fresh Meats. There is a delivery truck parked in front of store.
Knowlton's Drugs 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of Knowlton's Druges, Hollyburn Bakery, and Welch's north side of 1600 block Marine Drive.
Hollyburn Theatre 
ImagesTexts  1957  Street view of Hollyburn Theatre with showings of Deep Adventure and The Counterfeit Plan listed on the marquee. The attached newspaper article is from North Shore News, Sunday May 23, 1993.
Naismith Realty 
Images  Circa 1955  Street view of Naismith Realty, corner of Marine Drive and 14th Street.
West Van Billiards Academy 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of West Van Billiards Academy, 1800 block Marine Drive. Residence can be seen on second storey.
West Van Stationers 
Images  1940s - 1950s  Street view of West Van Stationers, Hunt's, and West Van Hardware in 1600 Block Marine Drive.
Washed out Seawall 
Images  Early 1960s  View of washed out seawall and boarded up houses along waterfront in 1300 block Argyle Avenue.
Safeway Construction 
Images    View of bulldozer loading material into dump truck during the clearing of site for Safeway construction at 1650 Marine Drive.
Carters Nursery 
Images  unknown  Street view of Marine Drive near 18th Street. Building for Carters Nursery can be seen on right edge of photo with house on left edge.Damage to original print from ink transfer during storage.
Carters Nursery 
Images  Unknown  Street view of Carters Nursery, corner of Marine Drive and 18th Avenue.
The Collectors Shop 
Images  1970  Street view of The Collectors Shop Antiques and Things, 1700 block Marine Drive.
Ambleside Beach 
Images  Circa 1970 - 1973  View looking out towards water at Ambleside Beach with children wearing winter coats walking on logs in midground.
May Day Parade 
Images  Circa 1965  View of May Day Queen riding in convertible car flanked by cadets on either side, 1900 block Marine Drive.
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