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Charlie Grey 
Images  Early 1960s  View of butcher, Charlie Grey, hosing down sidewalk in front of Choice Meats, 1500 block Marine Drive.
Edwin and Ann (nee Salmon) Woodward 
Images  Circa 1870  Edwin Woodward, first lighthouse keeper at Point Atkinson, and Ann, nee Salmon, his wife, who both together, and with Vernon, their month old son, arrived from Ont. 1873, and almost immediately appointed to lighthouse. Their second child (text removed on original) West Vancouver. Their cow and...
John Lawson 
Images  Unknown  John Lawson, pioneer of West Vancouver. He, Mrs. Lawson and children were the first family to settle in West Vancouver. They occupied "Navvy Jack's" old cottage and land, now 17th Street, which had been pre-empted about 1872, by John Thomas, whose nickname was "Navvy Jack". The mother of this pony...
Outdoor Marriage Ceremony 
Images  1904  Outdoor marriage ceremony. Pictured people include:(1) Mrs. Annie Evalyn Hopcroft, nee Grant (bride)(2) Rev. Roland Grant, D.D. (father of the bride)(3) Mother of the bride (un-named)(4) Lieutenant William Dixon Hopcroft, R.N.R.(5) Orson Banfield(6) Mr. Montilius(7) Mrs. Montilius(8) Miss....
Francis William Caulfeild 
Images  Post 1909  Francis William Caulfeild, pioneer of Caulfeild West Vancouver. About 1899 he purchased a large acreage at Skunk Cove. Renaming it "Caulfeild," he subdivided it, in 1909, developed it, and put in a water system. Died in England 6 March 1934, in his 90th year.
Ladies Laundry Convention 
Images  1929  Group portrait of women attending Ladies Laundry Convention at Cliff House Tea Room at Whytecliff Park.
Capilano Golf Course Developers 
Images  Circa 1935  Group portrait of British Properties developers. Back Row: J.T. Watson (landscape architect), Stanley Thompson (course architect). Front Row: John Anderson (properties manager), A.J. Taylor (properties president), and Stan Conway (engineer).
West Vancouver City Councillors 
Images  May 12, 1934  Group portrait of West Vancouver City Councillors. Reeve (Mayor) J.B. Leyland seated in centre with councillors W. Dickinson, R. Fiddles, L.S. Garthorne, G.D. Elgar.
Major General Victor W. Odlum 
Images  1960  Major General Odlum (21 October 1880 - 4 April 1971) was a resident of West Vancouver who lived in the Rockcliffe estate located on Whytecliffe Point between Whyte Bay and Cliff Cove. Major General Odlum served in the Boer War, the First World War and the Second World War. He was the co-founder of...
Major General Victor Odlum & Friends 
Images  1938  A group of 6 people including Major General Odlum, seated second from the left. The photo was taken at a wedding and the group is gathered outside on the lawn in front of a house.Major General Victor Odlum was the owner of the Rockcliffe estate in West Vancouver.
Sod Turning Ceremony 
Images  June 24, 1949  Hon. W.C. Woodward turning first sod, with L-R: C.R. Westgate, construction foreman; Charles N.W. Woodward, store manager; J.W. Butterfield, Woodward's general manager; C. Perry Willoughby of British Pacific Properties; R.D. Welch of Marwell Construction Ltd.
Muriel May 
Images  October 1954  Head shot portrait of Muriel May. Sales representative for British Properties Ltd. This portrait appeared in an ad for the British Properties in the Province Oct. 15, 1954.
Murray Wilson Thain 
Images  Circa 1886  Portrait of Murray Wilson Thain, early West Vancouver landowner.
Josias Charles Hughes 
Images  Before 1886  Standing portrait of Josias Charles Hughes. Original cataloging notes states that: "in 1877 pre-empted Ambleside which consisted of 121 acres - didn't reside on his property."
Charles Nelson 
Images  1912  Portrait of Charles Nelson, first Reeve of West Vancouver. Photo copied from "British Columbia Magazine", Volume 8, page 284, April, 1812. Title on photo reads: Charles Nelson, Esq., first reeve of West Vancouver, which has recently been incorporated as a municipality.
Lawson Family 
Images  1912  The John Lawson Family, 1912. The bottom of 17th Street meets present-day John Lawson Park, while John Lawson Creek (possibly seen in this photograph) follows present-day 18th Street.
No Man's Land Camp 
Images  1918 or 1919  Group portrait of men and women campers with carved wooden sign that reads "No Man's Land." Camp was located at Eagle Harbour.
Work Crew 
Images  Unknown  Group portrait of work crew, including Cecil Nesbitt (location not known).
Images  Circa 1912  Portrait of children seated around table at outdoor picnic. Original cataloging notes states that the photo possibly taken at John Lawson's House with Duncan Lawson on extreme right and Bessie, John, and Gertie (Gertrude) on left.
The Pirates' Den 
Images  Circa 1910  View of "The Pirates' Den" with four boys dressed as pirates posing in front. Clubhouse was located on the beach at the foot of 20th Street.
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