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Ambleside Beach 
Images  Circa 1970 - 1973  View looking out towards water at Ambleside Beach with children wearing winter coats walking on logs in midground.
Beach House 
Images  Unknown  Street view of house on beach at the foot of 16th Street adjacent to John Lawson Park.
Dundarave Pier 
Images  1987  Dundarave Pier decorated with West Vancouver anniversary flags.
West Vancouver Beach Sunset 
Images  1982  View of brilliant sunset from West Vancouver beach (possibly Ambleside).
Ambleside Beach Looking Towards Siwash Rock 
Images    View looking South from Ambleside Beach towards Stanley Park and Siwash Rock. People can be seen on the beach along with many boats in the water.
Construction at Ambleside Beach 
Images    View looking East from Ambleside beach. Dirt, rocks, and debris can be seen belonging to a construction site on the beach (possibly site of present Ambleside Pier). Lions Gate Bridge can be seen in the background.
John Lawson Pier 
Images    View of John Lawson Park pier looking West along the beach. Point Grey can be seen in the background.
Horseshoe Bay 
Images  August 1916  View Horseshoe Bay shoreline, West Vancouver, August 1916.
Skunk Cove 
Images  Circa 1916 - 1917  Boats moored at Skunk Cove. A house can be see in the background of the photograph.
Fishermans Cove 
Images  1927  Refreshment stand, dock, and boats located at Fishermans Cove with a view of Passage Island to the west. Construction of Marine Drive is started in background.
Ambleside Beach 
Images  1916  Photo of swimmers, mostly children at Ambleside beach (near foot of 14th Street?) a rowboat can also be seen on a makeshift dock.
Village at Friendly Cove 
Images  Circa 1920s  View of houses, totem poles, church and two people on a beach at Friendly Cove.
Larsen Bay 
Images  September, 1929  View of Larsen Bay with two people sitting on a log, next to a small dock, near the shoreline.
Garrow Bay 
Images  September, 1929  View of boathouse on the beach at Garrow Bay. People wading and a small row boat can also be seen near the centre of the photograph.
West Bay Beach 
Images  June 30, 1930  View overlooking West Bay Beach with several houses visible along shoreline. Stanley Park/Prospect Point can be seen in distance.
Horseshoe Bay 
Images  August 1, 1936  High angle view of Horseshoe Bay looking back towards the shoreline from a high point. People can be seen swimming in water and the Horseshoe Bay Hotel is visible on the shore.
Kew Beach 
Images  July 31, 1936  View looking out from Kew Beach towards water. A dock with several canoes can be seen in the middle of the photograph.
Horseshoe Bay Hotel 
Images  Circa 1915  View looking across water to Horseshoe Bay Hotel. A large amount of people can be seen enjoying the beach and the water.
West Vancouver Beach 
Images  August 1919  View of unknown West Vancouver beach with family siting on shore in front of large driftwood logs. Cabins can be seen in distant background.
Horseshoe Bay Beach 
Images  Circa 1910s  View of Horseshoe Bay beach at low tide. Numerous small docks can be seen with rowboats tied to them.
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