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Runaway of McNair logging engine 
Images  Circa 1920s  Runaway of McNair logging engine (Walking Dudley?). Hollyburn Wharf West Vancouver at the foot of 17th Street, Hollyburn.
Capilano Creek 
S.S. Britannia 
Images  1910-1915  S.S. Britannia, at Bucaneer Bay, 1911. Built by Captain George Cates at his shipyard, foot of Hornby St. False Creek, circa 1900. Her engines were from the British Isles; her furnishings from Chicago. On her passenger deck her seats were upholstered in light maroon plush.
McNair Fraser Logging Camp 
Images  1911  Joseph Gregson, pioneer logger, Garden Bay, wrote to J.S. Matthews, 9th November, 1963 at the McNair Fraser Logging camp in West Vancouver, up on Hollyburn Ridge. The "Walking Dudley" was the only engine of its kind in B.C. It was bolted onto a flat car, and ran on rails the same as a locomotive,...
Hollyburn General Store, Post Office, & Navvy Jack's House 
Images  Circa 1914 - 1915  West Vancouver Circa 1915 - 1915. Post Office (small building) and the Hollyburn General Store. "Navvy Jack's" old property is located on right at foot Lawson Ave.
Prospect Point 
Images  1891  Picture of the first summer house on Prospect Point in Stanley Park. Originally this location was called Observation Point.
S.S. Empress of Japan 
Images    S.S. Empress of Japan passing through the Narrows. No roads.
Capilano Dam 
Images  Spring, 1888  Capilano Dam, Vancouver, Spring 1888, Built in 1888 by Vancouver Waterworks Company, incorporated 6 April 1886. People mentioned in description: G.A. Keefer Esq, C.E. ; Henry Bradley Smith Esq, C.E. ; H.F. Keefer ; Donald McGillivray Esq, M.C. ; T.C. Keefer Esq, C.M.G., C.E. ; H.B. Smith Esq, C.E....
Edwin and Ann (nee Salmon) Woodward 
Images  Circa 1870  ... and garden may also have been the first. They returned to Ontario in 1877. Presented 1939 by Hiram W. Woodward, a nephew, 151 West 4th St, North Vancouver. City Archives J.S.M.Text from top of photo:James Atkinson Woodward, 3rd child, born Pt Atkinson, 25 Apr 1876, was first white child born in West...
Capilano Dam 
Images  Circa 1890  W.J. Moore photo 11130. Copy of Photo of intake at Capilano Dam. Probably 1890.
Pilot Cutter "Claymore" 
Images  Circa 1894  The first official pilot service for the port of Vancouver. The pilot cutter "Claymore" anchored off Skunk Cove before the pilot station was established. Pilot Bay or "Claymore Cove".
Skunk Cove 
Images  Circa 1894  View of a pilot station at Skunk Cove.
S.S. Charmer 
Images  Circa 1900  S.S. "Charmer" enters First Narrows, circa. 1900. It was the only ferry steamer from Vancouver to Victoria with six trips per week. The voyage took eight hours. Smoke from a forest fire on Baby Mountain can also be seen. .Captain Rudlin, master. Presented 1962, by L.M. Bourne. 1195 W. 14th. J.S.M.
John Lawson 
Images  Unknown  John Lawson, pioneer of West Vancouver. He, Mrs. Lawson and children were the first family to settle in West Vancouver. They occupied "Navvy Jack's" old cottage and land, now 17th Street, which had been pre-empted about 1872, by John Thomas, whose nickname was "Navvy Jack". The mother of this pony...
Clearing Marine Drive 
Images  1909 to 1912  Marine Drive looking west from Eighteenth Street during the winter. On the right, the cleared land is the corner of the proposed "Hollyburn Golf Course", which was cleared from 16th to 18th, and from Marine Drive to Haywood Ave. The post beside nearest small tree, on the right, is thought to be...
Grouse Mountain Hotel 
Images  1909  Grouse Mountain Hotel, a shack erected by W.J. McGuigan and companion of yellow cedar shakes. Windows, stove and equipment carried to mountain top on backs of Mr. McGuigan and companion.
Point Atkinson Lighthouse 
Images  1900  Point Atkinson Lighthouse 1900. (The original, built in 1874 was a tower standing alone.
S.S. Rothesay 
Images  1899  S.S Rothsay (or Rothesay) at Mannion's brickyard, Deep Cove, Bowen Island, circa 1899.
Grouse Mountain Hotel 
Images  1909  A Grouse Mountain shack erected by W.J. McGuigan, the windows, stove, and equipment were all carried to the top. People in the photo include (L-R):- W.J. McGuigan, Miss Macfarlane, Miss Lucy McGeer, Mr. Jim McGeer, Miss N. McGeer, Miss Margaret Macfarlane, Miss Schwengers, Mr. Harry Austin, Miss...
Outdoor Marriage Ceremony 
Images  1904  Outdoor marriage ceremony. Pictured people include:(1) Mrs. Annie Evalyn Hopcroft, nee Grant (bride)(2) Rev. Roland Grant, D.D. (father of the bride)(3) Mother of the bride (un-named)(4) Lieutenant William Dixon Hopcroft, R.N.R.(5) Orson Banfield(6) Mr. Montilius(7) Mrs. Montilius(8) Miss....
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