The Library is grateful to community members and organizations who have donated important local history photo collections and other materials to share through the library. In determining which donations are catalogued in the collection, library staff consider a number of factors including:
• Connection to local historical and contemporary sights, personages, events, buildings, etc.
• Artistic merit
• Condition
• Resolution (for digital images)


Donors sign a Deed of Gift and Grant of Permission transferring copyright to the Library. The Library is also interested in acquiring histories, diaries, and similar documents related to the community and its history. If you are interested in making a donation, contact us with your name, address, phone number and email address at or telephone Taren Urquhart at 604-925-7446.


The District of West Vancouver is also served by its Museum and Archives . We will consult with you about what access and preservation we can offer, or refer you to another organization as appropriate.


Donations in digital format should meet the following minimum requirements:
• TIF or JPEG format
• Minimum 300 dpi
• No watermarks, signatures or copyright notices


If you would like to share a photo or a story, please use our Contribute to the Collection page.  The page allows you to upload a file or share a story with the community.  Please click on the Terms to Use to learn more about the contribution option. 



The Library is grateful for the support of the Friends of the Library, the British Columbia History Digitization Program (University of British Columbia, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre), West Vancouver Historical Society and Young Canada Works to deliver this content to the public.